Monday, November 26, 2012

The Art Of Doing Nothing

There are certain talents that each of us are blessed with.  Some take lots of practice to perfect and some just come naturally.

My friend Tara and I discovered one of our natural talents twelve years ago while on a girls weekend.  We have been diligent about perfecting it.

Our children were young and we needed to get away and have an adult conversation.  We booked a hotel room, kissed our kids good bye and wished our husbands good luck.  We hopped in the minivan and didn't look back.

As we began our adventure we were like two women who had been told they only had two days to live.  We couldn't decide if we should eat, shop, sleep or just take turns peeing behind a locked door without interruption.  All were things we had not been able to do in a very long time.

After a night of shopping at Target and purchasing new pajamas we checked into the hotel and got in bed.  We didn't get out until Sunday.

It was so glorious to just be able to talk and sleep and watch movies that we couldn't bring ourselves to leave.  There were no children to feed, bathe or entertain.  It was quiet and comfortable with no chaos. We looked at each other and couldn't believe we had been given such a wonderful gift.

It took a while but we started having fluid conversations.  Without the need to break up fights or explain for the twentieth time that "mommy is on the phone" we were actually starting to sound like articulate educated adults.

We relied on the vending machines for food until we figured out we could order a pizza and have it delivered to the lobby.  After a quick game of rock, paper,scissors to determine which of us had to "bra up' and retrieve our dinner, we munched on pizza in bed.

It has been twelve years of these respite weekends now and we have mastered the art of doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  We now stay in hotels with luxurious bedding and room service.  The first night of the weekend always involves a Target run to purchase Gilligan O'Malley pajamas and snacks. Diet coke is on ice along with some wine and now that our kids are older we tell them not to call unless they are at death's door with their hand on the knob and don't anticipate they can hold on until Sunday night.

Some people don't understand our just doing nothing philosophy.  They look at us funny when we explain it and seem puzzled.

"What do you mean you do nothing for 48 hours?" they ask.

I guess this type of weekend is not for the motivated got to get things done kind of person. It takes commitment to not venture from the 600 thread count sheets to shop or do something productive. It takes a creative mind to be able to talk about absolutely everyone and everything for 48 hours.

Luckily for me I have found someone that shares my talent for lounging in luxury and we promise our talent will not be wasted.

I will see you Friday Tara!!!  Let the weekend of lethargy begin.!!!!

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