Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Beagle And The Bed Battle

I have a seven year old beagle named Hoosier that can do magic.  He can make his 28 pound body take up 80% of a queen size bed.

Every night we start out with him at the bottom of the bed and every morning I wake up crammed into the corner with him all stretched out and snoring.  I am not sure how it happens but he becomes rather annoyed when I begin to move around in bed and complain. He is a bit like Snoopy and thinks he is way too cool for humans and we are just something he tolerates.

When the kids were little and they would sleep with me I would often find them on the floor with their pillow and blanket in the morning.  When questioned they would explain that Hoosier pushed them out of the bed.

I would try to get him his own room since we have several spare ones but he refuses to sleep anywhere but with me when I am home.

Tonight I think I am going to build a pillow barrier and see if I wake up in the morning in the fetal position or if I still have room to stretch my legs out and allow the blood to circulate through them.  Wish me luck!


Janet said...

Funny how that happens! We have the same problem with Beamer!

PS: Your blog is great but love to see a photo of the culprit on here!

Paula Lewis said...

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