Saturday, April 7, 2012

Up North

View from Atwood's Cabin

Yesterday I took my first trip "Up North".  When I moved here eight years ago I kept hearing people talk about going up North.

I thought when I moved to Commerce that I was about as far north as I could get.  Any farther north and I assumed that I would be helping Santa make toys.

What I didn't know was before you get to the North Pole there is a part of Michigan that I had yet to experience.  To say it was beautiful and breath taking would be an understatement.  The drive , the view and the experience made me want to sign up to do one of those Pure Michigan commercials.

For a Southern girl like me to admit there is a place called "Up North" that I have fallen in love with feels just a tad bit like a betrayal. No offense Land of Cotton but  if I am not in love I am at the very least smitten.

The quaint little stores full of all kinds of things I simply couldn't live without were the icing on the cake. Any time I can admire nature and couple it with shopping I consider it a step toward making me a well rounded woman of the world.

So there. I have admitted that the north isn't as bad as all my relatives south of the Mason Dixon line have made it out to be.

This pure southerner gives pure Michigan a thumbs up.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful view. Where is it located?