Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Communication Conundrum

My son Michael is in France and Spain for his spring break.  I took great pains to set up his phone with a calling plan and a texting plan so he could contact me during his trip.

He seemed hesitant at first as if by some chance he wouldn't want to talk to his mother while on vacation.  (Please note vacation was funded by the mother.)  While I found this fact shocking, I was somewhat used to the idea.  Teenage boys seldom have very much to say that doesn't involve a grunt or a request for money and food.

After the first day when all I got was "In France at hotel" I knew the communication was going to be sparse.

I text back a series of what I considered appropriate questions.  "How was the Eiffel Tower?  Are you trying all kinds of different foods? Are you having fun? How was the flight?"

I got a text back that said "Yes". I don't know which question that was the answer to but after that all communication ended.  I had committed the cardinal sin of mothers by showing interest in what he was doing and assuming it was any of my business.

So far I think I have received a total of 15 words and three of them were Ha Ha Ha.  Not exactly what I was hoping for but at least every day I get a few syllables that tell me he is alive and well.

Someday he will be a parent with a child on a trip and when he text me to complain I am going to text him back "Ha Ha Ha".  After all grandchildren are the only real revenge we parents have.

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