Thursday, March 22, 2012

Morning People---I Don't Trust Them!

I don't trust anyone that voluntarily gets up before seven in the morning.  I just don't. I assume anyone up that early is up to no good.

I am not nor have I ever been a morning person.  Rise and shine only works for me if it is around ten and I am allowed to rise slowly and ingest at least four ounces of diet coke.  Even then it is several hours before I "shine".

You may argue that the sunrise is beautiful but I am just as happy with the sunset.

Some morning people have suggested they have a full days work done before I even wake up.  I say you are very welcome.  You wouldn't have been able to accomplish all that if  I had been up and cranky and all in your way.

I much prefer if given the option to operate my life on a retail like schedule.  I don't want to be up and going before I have the ability to buy shiny pretty things.  This usually occurs when the mall opens at ten, twelve on Sunday.

Early risers always seem to be doing something physical at the crack of dawn.   It isn't enough to get out of bed before it is light outside but they have to run 20 miles or bike or do yoga.  It can't be good for you to jump right into such strenuous activity immediately upon rising.

I say ease into your day. If you never hit your snooze button, it may not work on a day when you really need it.  A snooze button is a terrible thing to waste.  Roll over and go back to sleep.

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