Monday, December 12, 2011

MOJO Is Killing Me!

Every morning on the way to school my son and I listen to the MOJO in the Morning Show.  It's a tradition in my family. Ashley and I listened to it while driving to school and now it's Michael's turn.

Usually it is a very funny and entertaining show but this month they are surprising needy families with a Christmas celebration and by 7:15 every day I am completely "tore down" and sobbing.

I get up every day to a beautiful home and kids who have everything they want not just what they need.  I am very blessed.

The families on this program are not quite so blessed.  When I hear about the single mom with cancer that just found out she has no hope for recovery or the single mom that is raising her three kids and four other kids she has adopted with windows missing in her home it breaks my heart.

There is so much need in our city and all around the country.  We are all so busy worrying about our own lives and drama that we don't stop to think how blessed we are.

We spend more time judging the presidential candidates on whether or not they are good husbands than on whether or not they can make the much needed changes in our country.

We are all so worried about finding the "wow" Christmas gift for our kids that we don't stop to think that there are kids out there without coats or food.  These children aren't in Haiti but right here in our community.

Please this holiday season, take a moment and a few dollars and donate to the charity of your choice. Make a difference in the lives of someone you don't know.  None of us know when we will be the next person needing help. Reach out and skip a few of those gifts your kids don't need and bless someone you will never meet.

Happy Holidays!

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