Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Needs To Be Slapped....HARD!

My Uncle Buddy used to always start his unsolicitied parenting advice with the phrase " if that was a kid of mine..." and would follow it with his words of wisdom.  Well to borrow a phrase from Uncle Buddy, "If Lindasy Lohan was a kid of mine, I would beat her with a flip flop!" One of those hard ones from the Dollar Store that doesn't bend very well.  While I was doing it I would ask her if she had lost "her ever loving mind?".

Every time I think she can't surprise me, she does something else stupid.  

First, she posed nude in Playboy magazine.  All right, that was really stupid on the Playboy organizations side.  Why would anyone need to pay to see Lindsay' vajayjay when she has been showing it off for years for free.  

Secondly, she claims her purse was stolen and it had 10,000 dollars  cash in it.  Who in their right mind carries around that much cash, unless they are a drug dealer.  I am going to need to see the ATM receipt on that one to prove she had that much money.  I don't think she could even count out that much money.  More than likely she had ten dollars and just got confused.

Third, after getting paid a cool million dollars to show off her vajayjay she can't be bothered to get her skinny butt out of bed and get on an airplane to do the one interview that was scheduled to promote it.  Who blows off Ellen DeGeneres?  Apparently the vajayjay showing cash carrying Linday Lohan does.

The best thing that could happen to Lindsay is for her to spend a month or two with Madea!  Tyler Perry where are you when we need you?

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