Friday, August 26, 2011

Welcome Case!

We have a new baby in our family.  Case Andrew Featherston was born yesterday to my cousins Adam and Karin. We couldn't be happier for them and I  welcome them to the world of sleepless nights and endless worry

Thought I would offer them some words of wisdom from a weary mom of two.

1.  The whole sleep when they sleep is b.s..  When they sleep you have to go to the bathroom, shower and eat.  Sleep when other people are there to hold them, it isn't rude it is called survival.

2.  Don't let anyone tell you that you have too much stuff in your diaper bag because the minute you take something out you will need it. Just remember to switch shoulders every now and then to make sure you don't end up permanently lopsided.

3. The bad news is that  your breasts and your body will never be the same but the good news is that you will be too tired to care. I ask Grandmother once how long I could say the weight I had gained was baby weight and she said "well your Aunt Brenda is 43 and I am still saying it". So give yourself 43 years to lose

4. Take all offers of help of any kind.  Don't be too proud to say "if somebody doesn't take this baby for an hour I am going to end up on the six o'clock news".  We have ALL felt that way and there is no shame in it.  Take meals, help with laundry and offers to babysit.  When the new wears off you will be sorry you didn't take advantage of the kindness.

5. Milestones are different for every baby.  I swear there are mothers out there that claim their baby cut their own umbilical cord and drove home from the hospital.  Ignore them!  Rejoice everyday that you baby is healthy and happy and know that those over achieving babies will most likely grow up and work for your son.

6. Make time for your spouse.  Even though you are parents you are still people.  Make a date night even if you just go sit at the park and drink a coffee.

7. Take the bottle away before he learns to talk.  When he is old enough to scream "I want my bottle" you have waited too long.  Trust me I know this!

8.  Potty training can either take a year or a day depending on whether or not you start when everyone else tells you to or when your child is actually ready.  Just remember intelligence and bladder control  are two separate things.  If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say "Ashley is so smart, there is no reason why she shouldn't be potty trained." I would be a rich woman.

9.  Enjoy.  Don't worry about your house.  If you have the choice between doing dishes and dancing around the kitchen to Barney, pick Barney every time.  Time flies and those little moments are the ones that become the big moments they will remember.  They won't remember your kitchen floor was spotless but they will remember making cookies.

10. Take lots and lots of pictures.  Don't just do the ones where they are all dressed up but take the ones where they are sleeping or covered in mud.  The ones of them doing the little things will be more precious to you than all the staged professional ones.

Most of all just  love him and make him  believe that no matter what he is  the greatest thing that ever happened to you....because he is!

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