Friday, August 26, 2011

Teenage Alzheimers

There is a serious issue out there that I think most of you with teens are dealing with and concerned about.  It is the inability of a teenager to remember anything that is of any significance to an adult.

My son Michael is a very smart young man but he suffers from teenage memory loss.  We have lived in this house for seven years.  For the past seven years trash day has always been on Thursday.  Every Thursday it is a complete surprise to him that he needs to do the trash. He gets this blank look on his face like this is the first time he has ever heard of this and if I had only told him sooner he would have gotten right on it.

At first I was concerned and thought about organizing a 5K to raise money to find a cure for this horrible affliction.  But then I realized that the memory loss had not reached all areas of the brain and with a little retraining I could turn this thing around all on my own.You see he can still remember the iTunes password, how to work his iPhone and what my name is when he needs money.  He has retained the names of all his friends and is able to connect and invite them over on a regular basis.

I think I will just change the iTunes password every Wednesday night.  Since I am getting up in age the extra worry of not having the trash by the curb will most likely result in my not being able to remember the password until the next Wednesday.  I will just explain that memory loss is obviously a genetic disorder.  I will give him the same look he gives me when he forgets the trash.

So don't lace up your tennis shoes for that 5K just yet.  I feel a "cure" coming in about a week.

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