Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mrs.Eller Goes to Washington- Final Chapter

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I was still a bit fuzzy about how I ended up in Washington when the alarm went off at 5:45 a.m. Thursday morning.  Those of you that know me well, know that there are very few things I would get up that early to do.  The last time was when my niece Taylor was born and she is nine years old, if you get my drift.

After breakfast in bed (thank you Mr. Room Service guy) we hailed a cab and headed to the Fox News Station.  I must admit hailing a cab made me feel very big city.  Sure is different from sporting around in a mini van covered with baseball field dirt.

I arrived to find that  I was one of three models. Melissa Gonzalez, stylist and fashion contributor for "Lucky" and "Latina" magazine outfitted us with accessories. It was pretty cool as a jewelry junkie to see her "stash" of all things sparkly.  Hair and make-up was touched up and we were ready to tape our segment.

It was very apparent by glancing at my size 2 and size 6 modeling partners that I was the "How to Dress Slimmer" model but I didn't care.  I was having a blast and hey somebody had to do it.

The stage looked like a big warehouse room.  Not at all glamorous but filled with energy as the camera angles were assigned and Melissa ran through her copy. It was at this point that I began to mutter to myself  "what the heck was I thinking?" but lucky for me the shoot began immediately.

We each modeled for our segment and then went out as a group for a final shot.  This is when the producer I call Birkenstock lady began to wave frantically for us to change positions.  It is very distracting when you are trying to look pretty and to stand in a way that will hopefully make you look thinner to have some crazed lady flailing her arms and trying to mouth MOVE OVER to you.  In the video you can see me scoot to the side and look a little bit afraid because I was sure her next move was to fling one of those hard brown sandals at us.  She was scary.

In a blink my brush with fame was over.  Promotions pictures were taken and we all chatted for a few minutes.  Then came the really depressing part.  Melissa wanted her bling back.  I had never had to return something shiny before and I have to say I didn't enjoy the feeling.  Usually when I see something shiny I buy it and it doesn't leave my wrist or finger until we are at home.  That's the way I like my sparkle, close by and accessible.

After I recovered from the heartbreak and separation anxiety Ashley and I settled in for our nine hour trip home.

The best part of the whole trip aside from the cupcakes was spending 18 uninterrupted hours in the car with my baby girl.  She is leaving for college in 17 days and having her all to myself one last time was worth all the bling in the world.

It was the end of another adventure in Kim's Crazy Life, but stayed tuned you always know there is another one just around the corner.

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