Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Bunny Boots

Seriously? Is it really snowing the week of Easter?  I think I am going to start a new company called BRRR Bunny.  This company will offer realistic Easter apparel for those of us living in the north.

For example we could have cute pastel Easter boots and coats.  No more Easter lilies and little white gloves.  There would be snow shovels decorated with a bunny in a parka and wool mittens to match your outfit.

All the Easter eggs would have to be bright orange and yellow in order to find them in the snow.  Oh, and they would also have to be waterproof.

It's hard to celebrate a resurrection when you are still snow!


Kids boots said...

Great idea. I think this kind of business will be a hit. I wonder what kind of materials will you be using for the boots.

plumbing said...

Well, that's cool. Easter bunny boots. I will support you on that and i am sure it will be a big hit. Good Luck!