Sunday, April 24, 2011

Needed: Clothes To Get A Life In!!!!

This weekend I went out with some friends to hear a band and relax.  I had a fabulous time! I danced all night and I wore my one cute shirt.  Seriously, I have one cute shirt that isn't either a polo shirt, a kids related t-shirt or a work shirt.

As I looked around the bar I noticed that mine were the only mom jeans in the place.  Everyone else had sparkles and emblems on their back pockets.  One lady was sporting jeans with crowns embroidered on her pockets.  How had I survived this long without those jeans?

As I glanced around at the cool clothes I realized that if I was going to get a life I was going to have to start with new jeans.

Second on the list of necessities needed to get a life is a pair of shoes that can't be worn to the baseball field.  They will need to have high heels and be fabulous.  This addition will require a bottle of ibuprofen and some practice.

Third, I am going to need a smaller purse.  I have a mom purse which means that I have a purse big enough to  hold everything that a family of four would need to survive for a week on a desert island.  I need a cute little clutch that I can take on the dance floor and not one I have to hire someone to watch while I am away from the table.

I am sure as time goes by and I have new experiences that there will be other things I will find necessary to facilitate my getting a life, but for now I will start with these three.

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