Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I have become very intrigued by the gentleman being charged with a felony for reading his wifes emails.

Apparently he suspected her of having an affair and wanted to confirm it. The first logical place to look in this day and age is the computer. Why people that have affairs feel compelled to write down and confirm their trysts is beyond me. My mother always told me never write anything down that you don't want the rest of the world to read. Same goes for typing and texting.

I think he had every right to read her emails. She was "allegedly" having an affair. Call me crazy but I think adultery trumps reading emails on the list of sins.

Spouses have been snooping to confirm their nagging doubts since the beginning of time. In the good old days there would be lipstick on the collar or a hotel receipt in his pocket that you found when you cleaned them out before taking them to the dry cleaners.

Technology has empowered us to find out more details about our cheating spouses.
But here is a novel idea for Little Miss Hot to Trot E-mailer. Don't love your third husband anymore and want to go back to your second husband, go! Just get a divorce first. Don't cheat and you won't get caught.

As I tell my kids...Don't be sorry, be good. Then you won't have to be sorry.

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