Monday, February 16, 2009

Puke, Plays and Purses

Well welcome to my 100th post. And you said it wouldn't last. Well, actually I said it wouldn't laugh but anyway....

We spent the past weekend in New York. It began with the plane ride from hell on Thursday. It was uneventful until the landing. During the descent the wind caused it to feel like a tilt-a-whirl and a roller coaster ride that lasted about twenty minutes. It ended with me puking into a pretty blue bag. When Michael and Ashley saw me puke they puked and we were just one big puking family. Except for Steve...he never joins us in our motion sickness.

After landing we headed to our hotel. We stayed at the downtown Sheraton Towers and it was beautiful. They had those big comfy beds and pillows that I just love. Too bad that by the time we got into them at night we passed out before we could enjoy them.

The first night we saw Shrek. It was very funny and entertaining and we everyone loved it. When I say everyone I mean the 24 teenagers and the 10 adults. Quite a crowd to keep track of on the streets as you can imagine.

Day 2

Michael and I stayed back because he and another student weren't feeling well due to a bad cold and I had a sinus headache. There will be a entire blog dedicated in the future about why you have to carry every drug you own when you travel. The choir went to the Today Show and according the them Matt Lauer didn't even ask where I was. I found that very troubling but moved forward. After the Today Show they traveled on the subway to the United Nations to perform. They were amazing as always and all the Japanese tourists just had to take their picture. Unfortunately they also felt the need to be in the picture so the keep coming up and standing beside the choir director during the performance.

After performing we all spent the afternoon

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