Monday, January 26, 2009

Well, now I have been poked...

on face book that is. The one and only positive thing that has happened to me lately is that at my dad's funeral I reconnected with several of my old friends from high school. They told me to get on face book and we could stay in touch. While it is fun to see their families, face book is a whole new world for me to navigate. So far I have been poked, hugged, invited to join causes and ask if I want a viritual garden. Let me tell you that I absolutely do not want to any "viritual weeding".

I started out by making some friend requests. That seems like an iffy thing because at this point in my life when I have one leg over the balcony I really didn't think I could face rejection. The good news is that all my old friends felt I was worthy of at least a click of the mouse to answer my friend request. The bad news is Michael , my own flesh and blood that I spent 12 hours in labor with , ignored my request. He informed me that "he didn't want me all up in his business". At 12 do you really have that much business? I informed him that he was much to young to have business. Heck, I am 43 and I would kill for some "business". I find it difficult to answer the question on face book of "Kim is...." I don't think people really want to hear that I am in my pj's at five p.m. or that I am watching reruns. Now I have to find something interesting to do everyday so I can fill in that blank. I don't know how long I can endure this pressure of having to have a life.

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Susan said...

Facebook is so much fun and a good way for nosy folks like me to keep up. ha Enjoy