Friday, July 18, 2008

Hotter than the hinges of hell....

that is how I describe this week. It is hot and humid, weather you can wear. Michael is playing in the District baseball tournament and Ashley is working in the concession stand at the field. His team won their first game last night and if they win tonight they won't have to play on Saturday. Wish him luck!!!!

Life has been hectic since we returned from Down Under. I had my niece Taylor for ten days and we had so much fun. Having a six year old again was a real eye opener. I had forgotten how much attention they require and how much older I have gotten. Factor those two things together with jet lag and you get one crazy lady.

My favorite activity of the week was our nightly sessions of what I called Love Triangle Barbie. I would be the scorned ex gir barbie and Taylor played the role of Ken and his wife. I would plead for him to take me back and it was all very heart wrenching. This was her game not mine but she did comment that I was really good at playing it. Did she think she had the market cornered on dramatic ability in this family?

We ate alot of McDonalds and ice cream sandwiches. We stayed up late and slept in, always with Hoosier between us. Combine two wiggly bed partners with jet lag and you get out right looney.

We spent the week doing fun activities like bowling ( she complained all the way there about having to wear the shoes but wanted to buy them before we left. , picnicing, movies ( Kitt Kettridge ) and playing beauty shop ( sponsored by Mary Kay. Ashley did not fair well in this area as Taylor announced when she completed Ashley's makeover, "you look like somebody beat you up!!!".

The biggest adventure was shoe shopping. Taylor has inherited her love and passion for shoes from me and we were in hog heaven. She likes high heeled "fashion" shoes. I did make her agree to at least one pair of tennis shoes for the playground at school but of course they were bright pink and gray. Nothing too boyish for this fashion queen.

We had big fun and when it was time to say good-bye I was a little choked up...I couldn't tell if it was emotion or fatigue but I knew I was really going to miss hearing...Aunt Kim with ten syllables.

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Susan Davis said...

She has gone on and on since coming home about what a good time she had and that she can't believe that she came home with Michael's drawers. (with about 30 syllables) Thanks so much for being the best Aunt to my baby girl!