Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thank you

I thanked my husband in one of my blogs recently and he made I comment that I hadn't thanked him for anything in ten years. Even though it was said jokingly I felt kind of bad so here are some thank yous that are apparently ten years overdue.

1. Thanks for working so hard and being so dependable. It allows me to build a home that is secure and safe for our kids and to be able to spy on their friends to keep them out of trouble.

2. Thanks for not reminding me I have gained thirty pounds. Trust me I have noticed.

3. Thanks for always filling my car up with gas.

4. Thanks for picking up your own dry cleaning.

5. Thanks for playing baseball with Micheal.

6. Thanks for allowing Ash and me to go on this amazing trip

7. Thanks for always being nice to your parents. Because nice matters...

8. Thanks for getting me a new cell phone when I dropped mine in the toilet.

9. Thanks for doing the yard work that you know I hate to do.

10. Thanks for making Michael happy for the past two weeks. It sounds like you really made an effort to keep him busy and happy and that made my trip 10 times better.

11. Thanks for being my husband for the past 19 years thru the good the bad and the ugly.

I am sure there are many more things but since he has gone so long without a thank you I don't want to overwhelm him. HA!!!

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