Thursday, May 22, 2008

When did I start...

arguing with people while I am in traffic? I think it all started when the Oakland Road Commissioner sat in his office wondering how he could make the lives of all the commuters in Commerce Township miserable. He came up with a brilliant plan!! He closed all the roads that get you across the town except for one. Then he assigned a little road construction on the one open road. I imagine him in his office twisting his waxed mustache and laughing. I will tell you he is the only one laughing. So with all this happening tensions are running high.

Yesterday I was sitting in traffic and and pulled into the intersection while the light was green. OF course traffic immediately stopped and the light turned yellow and then red. Well, the lady waiting to turn left starting having some kind of arm spasms because I was blocking her path. She's yelling at me and I am doing hand gestures trying to mutely explain to her that it was green when I pulled out. It was absurd to say the least. Traffic moved and being the bigger person I let her in and we moved forward. I felt pretty good about taking the high road and that feeling lasted for about two blocks. Little Miss Arm Spasm was on her cell phone ( no doubt telling her friends how stupid I was) and didn't realize the traffic was moving. The little Angel on my shoulder said, "Just be patient" but the little devil said "Honk the horn and give her a heart attack." I wish I could write and tell you the angel won but she did not. I slowing eased up behind Little Miss Arm Spasm and honked my horn. The good news is the woman did not have a heart attack but the bad news is my little angel gave me her two weeks notice. Apparently, she doesn't feel "she is being heard" and "her role in the organization" isn't being taken seriously. Whatever.......maybe she'll go to work for the Road Commission.

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