Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The milestones just keep coming

Every time I turn around I am being forced to face the fact that my children are growing up way too fast. This weekend my bitty baby boy had a little red pimple on his face. UGH!!!!!! Isn't that a teenager thing? How can that be happening to my baby? Now I get to add use the face wash to the brush your teeth and shower list. Fabulous, because the teeth and shower thing has been so much fun to police.

Then just as I am getting over the pimple thing he started taking the radio in the bathroom while he showered. I don't know about you but that was such a teenager thing to do that it made me kind of sad. There he was in there blow drying his hair and jamming out to his tunes. What happened to bath time with Barney? How long has it actually been since I fished GI Joes out of the bottom of the tube? That time just flew right past and I guess I didn't realize it until now. I want it back just for one day. I want to see him make a bubble beard and drive his cars along the side of the tub. As someone said, "kids are like toilet paper , you don't really appreciate it until it's almost gone." Truer words were never spoken.


Jen Ladd said...

You know you are a great friend to me because you make me able to appreciate what I have with my kids right now...thanks :) And be thankful that you don't have to clean your bathroom trash can with bleach!

Aimee said...

I'm going through the same thing, except with a 5 year old! :) I'm talking about the milestones - not the pimples! It just seems like all at once shes' reading, and riding a two-wheeler, and has loose teeth - it's CRAZY!! But like Jen said, it's blog posts like yours that make me appreciate the stages that my "babies" are at!

Anonymous said...

Talk about milestones, what were you doing up at 6:00 am posting?!?!?!?!