Friday, February 15, 2008

Vacation coming to you backwards

Arrival: Arrive and the weather is beautiful. We can;t wait to get to our two bedroom suite. We throw open the door to find the windows open and an industrial blow dryer thing in the middle of the room. Ugh Oh!!

Called the front desk and they can't get us moved until the next night. So we settle in , exhausted and breathing in what I am sure tomorrow the health inspector will be calling black mold.

Day Two: We are all still alive and head downtown to the Riverwalk. It is really beautiful and the weather is in the eighties. We stroll down and around , take a boat ride where we are given all types of history about the river and the city itself. It was quite enjoyable. We decide to dine at an authentic Mexican restuarant. Micheal eats corndogs as his lunch but the rest of us dig in and enjoy the fine cuisine. Steve and the kids walk over to the Alamo to tour while I sit and rest my feet. When I was stuffing my suitcase I was more concerned with cute than comfort. Big mistake! Afterwards we strolled along Alamo Plaza and purchased a four pack of tickets to all the Ripleys Believe It or Not museums.

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