Friday, February 15, 2008

A pox upon our house.Read prev. blogs first

Finally we get moved to another room and it is beautiful. We wake up Saturday morning and Steve has a headache. Steve never has a headache. But he bravely ventured out. We had lunch, went to see Fool's Gold, walked around the mall and then had dinner. By the time dinner was over Steve and Michael had officially been diagnosed with the classic flu - head ache, fever, chills, joint pain...the whole nine yards. Ashley and I took them back and began nursing them back to health. Sunday morning I went to the Mexican market and purchased all the supplies I thought we would need to keep them and us alive during the next few days. Plenty of drugs and popsicles for them and magazines for us. We spent all day Sunday in the apartment watching pay per view movies. Michael was convinced that Steve was going to kill us for ordering all those movies but I assured him that movies were the last thing on Steve's mind. We all laid around until the next afternoon when Michael appeared to rally a little bit. Ashley , Michael and I showered and ventured down to the lobby to eat pizza and play poker. We had a blast but by evenings end Michael was wearing down.

Woke up the next day and they are both now sick with an upper respiratory infection. Yee Ha!!! Another trip to the Mexican market garnered even more appropriate drugs, more popsicles, chicken noodle soup and various other comfort foods. The rally to get them better was in full swing. It was Tuesdy and we were headed to Fredricksburg for the day. Michael really wanted to go so we gave him his medicine and a pillow and threw him in the car. He lasted thru lunch but then he and Steve had to go back to the car and rest while Ashley and I shopped all the little stores we could make it to before closing time. WE loved that town. We headed home and back to bed for the boys. Ashley and I went downstairs for the happy hour and then decided to call it a night. I called Ask a Nurse about Michael and they said if he wasn't better by the next morning to bring him in. So the next morning we did. The nice doctor gave him antibiotics and a major decongestant and we were on our way. Got him home and drugged up and Ashley wanted to go downtown since it was our last day. She preceded to drag me all over San Antonio for about seven hours. We saw a movie , ate and shopped. We had a blast but it was bittersweet without the boys.

Awoke to next day with the boys still not feeling well but better that the day before. Drugged the up before the plane ride and away we went. We made it home safely exept for poor Michael who had terrible sinus pain during the landing portion of the ride. We are now full entrenched in a snow laden lives and hopefully back on the mend.


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