Friday, February 15, 2008

This vacation brought to you by Amoxicillin

Week before the trip: Make sure everyone has enough clothes packed to make the suitcases impossible to close. Locate all chargers for all electronics and cell phones so that no one will be bored and if they are bored they will be able to contact their friends immediately to complain about how bored they are. Find childcare for the puppy and pack all his necessities. New toy, treats and a blanket. Also, make sure his schedule involves at least four private playdates on the weekend when daycare is closed.

Day of Departure: Visit CVS and fill any prescription that either elevates my mood or decreases my anxiety level. Buy dramimine and those silly earplanes to prevent my ears from hurting on the flight. Stock the kids carry on bags with snack and gum. Clean the house before we leave so if we don't make it back the people that will have to enter will say "what a lovely home she kept and all the while working part-time. This will lead in to the "what a saint I was ..yadda, yadda, yadda.

Drive to the airport: Spend those minutes checking over and over to make sure I have my drivers license. Inform the kids that we expect great behavior on the plane. I have dressed us as a seemingly normal family now they just have to play the role for a couple of hours.

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