Monday, February 4, 2008

Drivers Education

My bitty baby girl is starting Drivers Ed today. I must admit I have not been this torn since she started kindergarten. Before she started schoool I laid in bed with her every night that summer saying things like "I can't believe you're going to school!" and "my bitty baby girl is all grown up now...." Finally being the practical girl she is Ashley sat up in bed and firmly stated, "Mother, I have to go. It's the law." Well, I didn't lay in bed with her this time. Mainly because I can't get to her bed and I am afraid of the things that are under the various piles but my feelings were the same. I don't want her to drive yet. We have so much fun listening to music, making jokes about people on the radio and having some of our best talks in the car that it makes me sad to think about driving around all alone. I remember praying for this day when I caught myself listening to the Barney tape on my way to work AFTER I had dropped the kids off at school. I prayed one day I would have a car free of chicken nugget aroma, where all the radio stations would be of my chosing and no one would be kicking the back of my seat. I thought of the cute little car organizer that would have with all my cds in it and a tissue box that would remain full and available at all times. Ladies , be careful what you pray for because now that it looks like one day my car dreams will come true I am a little sad. So if you see me in the next few months eating chicken nuggets and listening to Veggie Tales while I drive around aimlessly don't be alarmed. I am just "transitioning" to the new phase in my life. Sob! Sob! thank goodness for those tissues.

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