Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Teens and Toilet Paper Rolls

I am searching for a scientific mind to perform a clinical study. I would like to know how much energy is required to change a toilet paper roll.

This information is urgently needed so that I can decide what type of vitamins or food supplements my children need. As a mother I need to address the fact that they seem to be lacking that extra bit of energy required to change the toilet paper roll.

They are close, so close.  They can lean over and get a new roll out of the cabinet but that is where they apparently run out of energy and are forced to take a break.  In their apparent exhaustion they are forced to sit the toilet paper on top of the old roll and lie down.

I am assuming this is what is happening because these two smart kids can't just be so lazy that they can't change the roll.  As their mother, I am going with the lack of energy/exhaustion theory.  Call it denial but there has to be a logical scientific explanation for TPRS "toilet paper roll syndrome".

Speaking with other parents I have found TPRS is running rampant in our country.  How can it be that this is not being investigated or studied?  As mothers we need and demand answers.  How many gummi vitamins does it take to capture enough energy to conquer TPRS?

The time to fight is now.  Join me in finding a cure and "wiping" out TPRS!

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Karin Featherston said...

It's just not teens, husbands too!