Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Saving Teenage Style

I am extremely worried about our education system.  I fear my children are not getting an adequate education when it comes to basic vocabulary.

The reason for my concern is that they don't seem to understand what the word "save" truly means.  Their idea of saving is to hoard all their money and spend all of mine.

Both of my children are working this summer.  However I still keep getting poorer and they are giving a whole new meaning to the word miser.  The problem is they don't realize that saving requires SACRIFICE!  They think they should make money and keep their money and have all their wants and needs met by me.  That is not saving that is taking advantage of the woman that was in labor with you for 12 hours.

They disappear like David Copperfield when we near a checkout.  I find myself unloading items that have been stealthily placed in the cart and they are no where to be found. Now I am familiar with this game as I grew up with a brother that always spent the exact amount of time in the bathroom it took us to clean up after dinner. I come from a long line of people that are known for "waiting you out".

For kids that can't walk through the house without leaving a trail they can load a cart without being seen.  Their needs are endless unless you say "Sure you can get that with your own money".  The much needed item is dropped and discarded so fast your would think it was on fire.

I have decided the next time they abandon me at the checkout I will have them paged and when they turn up rush up to them screaming and wailing like they have been gone forever.  I will be too distraught to check out and stick them with the bill.  I will trump cheap with crazy because they will never be cheaper than I am crazy.  There are some things in life I know for sure.

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