Friday, May 18, 2012

No Shopping? Shocking!

A friend and fellow blogger at the Oakland Press, Rebecca Kohler, is doing the unthinkable.When she told me about it I was in shock. I actually gasp out loud during our meeting.

She is going where I have never gone before.  She is fighting the basic instinct possessed by every woman. I was sure she had lost her mind.  She isn't buying ANY CLOTHING OR ACCESSORIES FOR A YEAR !!!!

At first I was puzzled.  If I was blogging about this topic all I would be able to type is SOB! SOB! but apparently she is using this as a growth experience.

When I saw her at the meeting, she was rocking an amazing pair of red shoes adorned with a flower.  For a stylish woman like her I am sure this is a challenging year.  Head over to her blog and read about the year without a shopping bag.

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