Monday, May 14, 2012

Fluent In Retail

I finally found a second language that my son can speak fluently....Retail!  Of course this fluency comes with a hefty price tag but it is like music to my ears.  We were both born to shop and as his mother it is my responsibility to make sure his talents aren't wasted.

Michael will shop for anything but his favorite things are clothes,shoes and electronics.  His decisions are made quickly and his purchases are swift.  His Coach wallet is laden with rewards cards for all his favorite stores and he is not above shopping online.  Although, the torture of waiting for his purchases is almost too much to bear since I don't let him overnight ship anything.  Can you believe I can be so cruel?  I am a  regular Creulla Deville when it comes to overnight shipping costs. Just ask Michael.

Not everyone speaks retail.  It can't be taught, you must be born with the talent. Oh, there are people that can pretend for an hour or two but after awhile the impostors can be found resting on a bench rubbing the shopping bag callouses on their palms and moaning.  A true shopper fights through the fatigue, hits Starbucks and never looks back.   We can't be held back by the posers.

My grandmother is the queen of shoppers and my retail hero.  She won't leave until she has looked at every item in the store, or at least that is what my granddaddy used to say.  He obviously didn't possess the shoppers gene.

I feel very blessed that Michael and I speak the same language where shopping is concerned.  The teenage years are tough years to find common ground.  It is nice that we both love the beep of the scanner and the sound the credit card makes as it zips through the card reader.

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