Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Coach Mom Calls Perfect Game

All would be right with the world if moms coached all sports.  I know this because whether I am sitting in the basketball bleachers or at the baseball fields we always seem to have all the answers.

We know which kids should be starting (our own) and which kids should be shooting and which kids are tired. The temperature at baseball is always a concern and we would allow frequent water breaks and maybe distribute ice packs.  All that dust in the dugout would have to go and we would replace it with some lovely indoor/outdoor carpeting from Walmart.  Replace those hard benches with some padded ones and these boys would play like pros.

There would be a team mom assigned to organize the dugout and wipe down the bats.  Bags would be placed in order by players number and after they finished batting we would place their gloves in the right bag.

If everyone looked tired we could take a break under the shade tree and have a cookie until everyone felt ready to go again.  There would be no yelling.  Those boys are trying their best and if they aren't playing well it certainly isn't their fault.  Perhaps all that yelling is getting them all discombobulated.  My goodness coaches seem to have a lot of things to yell about.

Basketball would be much the same.  We know who needs to start (our kids) and when they need to come out and rest.  No need to keep yelling BOX OUT!   If they don't know to box out by now you yelling at them  isn't going to help.  All that yelling just upsets the mothers. Everyone would be told what a great job they were doing and how we know they are trying their best.  I would personally do away with all that running during practice on Thursdays because all that does is make them too tired to take out the trash.

Yes it would all be simpler if the moms ran things....

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