Sunday, February 5, 2012


Friday night at the basketball game my friend Kelly opened her purse.  It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

 First of all you could actually see the lining of her purse.  If that wasn't amazing enough everything in there was organized.  All her beauty necessities were all in one pocket.  As far as I could tell her lipsticks all had lids and their was no gum wrapped in a receipt.

She had a sterling silver pill box with what I believe was a monogram and I would swear that the medications were organized by milligram.  It was a sight to behold. When she lifted her purse there was no grimace or muscle straining activity.

Then I opened my purse.

It looked like someone had dumped a waste basket in it.  It was so full that there was no lining visible.  The last time I weighed it at the doctors office, it weighed twelve pounds.

Inside there were crumpled receipts (several  I needed to save for reimbursement), empty gum boxes and way too much stuff.  I have a silver sequined bag with my pharmaceuticals.  Not quite as classy as a sterling silver box to say the least.

There were sunglasses, notebooks and crumpled tissues.  The extra granola bars that I keep in there for emergencies were crushed beyond being edible except on the off chance I had a yogurt in there I could sprinkle it on.

As I thought about the purses and how different they were I thought they were probably indicative of our personalities.  The purses couldn't have been more different but I think that is what makes friendships so interesting.

As our friendship grows I can count on Kelly to always be able to find her debit card in an emergency and she can count on me for crushed granola.

Like Laverne and Shirley or Felix and Oscar I think we have the makings of a beautiful friendship.

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