Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dad Shoots Daughter's Laptop Over Facebook Post [VIDEO]

Dad Shoots Daughter's Laptop Over Facebook Post [VIDEO]

Last night I watched this video thinking that just maybe this dad had something to say that would help me with my teenagers. I am always looking for effective ways to communicate and to do my job as parent better.

I was shocked and appalled by what he did. Do you teach your child to respect you by shooting a round into their laptop? Was his little tantrum any different than hers except for the fact that he knew his would be viewed by everyone. I am quite sure he cleaned up his language for the "Look How Tough I Am" video taping.

Kids vent to their friends. Husbands vent to their friends. Wives vent to their friends. Do they always mean what they say? No. Do they ever expect it to leave that group and go any further? No.

What she said was mean spirited. However apparently she is being raised in a household that doesn't promote respect but retaliation. In what mindset do you address your child's disrespect for you with public humiliation and violence? When is the destruction of property a teaching tool? Did the video of him destroying a laptop make him feel more like a man or a good father? He certainly seemed pretty pleased with himself.

I am not defending his daughter. I would be devastated if my child wrote that about me on Facebook but I am more concerned with his reaction. She is a child, and children do childish things. Grownups are supposed to act like grownups and lead by example. Children learn what they live.

If it is respect you were looking for sir, I don't think you got it. You got angry, made an a** of yourself on Facebook just like she did. Looks like to me we have a case here of like father, like daughter.

I only hope someone steps in and gets this family some counseling. When parenting lessons involve a handgun there is a serious problem. Let's hope they each get the counseling they need before something more devastating happens.


Facebook App Developer said...

Shooting Laptop does it mean to not using computer any more and i thing that's not good.

Sandman said...

I'd have used a shotgun on the laptop instead. I am glad I raised a son that turned out level headed and well grounded instead of a daughter that only use half their brains.