Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Y'all Don't Be Mean To Paula Deen

I can't believe how hateful and awful y'all are being to poor Paula Deen about her diabetes, or as we call it in the South, sugar.

Folks are saying she deserved it for eating all that fattening food.  Someone even accused her of being happy about her diabetes medication endorsement.  They make it sound like she sat around munching on a stick of fried butter until her pancreas became overworked, then start singing "We're in the money!"

Nobody wants to be diabetic.  It is not a fun disease.  To make fun of my sweet Paula for announcing that she has it is just plain wrong.

Instead we should be applauding her for taking time to get educated before she announced it to the public.  She is taking steps to get healthier.  Her health is really none of our darn business so the fact that she made it public and is campaigning to educate is above and beyond what she should have to do.

I know I wouldn't want all my health information to become public.  I got upset when they started putting my weight on my prescriptions.  Heck, why bother to wear Lycra under your clothes when the pharmacist knows exactly how much I really weigh?

Give my Miss Paula a break.

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