Sunday, November 6, 2011


Dear Nike,

Thank you for making the life of this weary mom a little more difficult by distinguishing your new socks by putting a R and an L on them.

You see, the bane of every moms existence is the basket of unmatched socks.  There is one in every household and  no matter how hard we try there always seems to be socks that are missing.  We do the best we can.  We hold onto socks well after our kids have outgrown them in hopes that one day we can reunite the pair and fell somewhat triumphant.  Every mother knows that the minute we throw out a perfectly good sock, the other one will appear.

Thanks to your newest sock, we not only have to worry that the socks are the same color and size but that we have the right and left one.  Seriously? You felt the need to make a right and left sock?  Do you sit up late at night and contemplate ways to drive the average American woman crazy?  Do you take satisfaction in knowing that somewhere there is a woman with a martini in one hand and two left socks in the other?

You tell us to "just do it" and then you make it so darn hard.

Sincerely disgusted and mismatched,

Kim Eller

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