Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Too Tired for School

Tonight I made a trip to Eastern Michigan University with my friend Jennifer.  She is contemplating going back to school to get her teaching certification.  I am really excited for her and really proud of her motivation to make a change. Go Jennifer!

With that said, there is no way I could go back to school at my age.  It's not that I am too old to learn or acquire new skills, it is that I am just too darn tired.

Just the thought of having to lug a backpack full of books and supplies around campus is enough to send me back to bed for the day.  Not to mention that there is no where to pack and they would more than likely expect  me to attend class when it is raining or snowing. Maybe if they offered a special parking spot for those of us over forty I would consider it, but I would have to see the map.

There would be homework and finals and all that stuff that I hated the first time around but without the cute fraternity guys.  Let's face it, college is only really fun when the education part comes in a close second to the social life part.  Without the parties, late nights and all night bonding sessions it would just be well sort of like a job.

So no thank you very much.  I will just keep my backpack hidden in the front closet and the only long walks I will take is if the valet parking lot at the mall is full.  

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