Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Basement Gang

I am surrounded by boys.  One I gave birth to and several that I have adopted.  I love these boys and love having them around.  I call them the basement gang because they live in my basement.

The only problem I am encountering is that I am accumulating a large variety of clothes and shoes of all sizes.  I have jackets, hoodies, shoes and underwear.  I am considering making them have their clothes labeled so that I can at least put them in their perspective piles and ready for their next visit. I envision small laundry baskets with little tags with their names on them.

Some of my friends think I am insane for fostering the basement gang.  I shop for their specific snack choices and provide their favorite drinks.  I have known most of them since they were in the first grade and watching them grow into these amazing young men has been one of the greatest privileges of my life.

So if the price of this privilege is stray boxers and mismatched socks I say I am getting a very good deal.

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Kim Eller said...

I loved this blog. You are so authentic with your expression.
good luck in the future.
Rose Owens
Paris, TN.