Friday, September 23, 2011

At Home Crisis Liaison

I am very pleased to announce that Jennifer Ladd has been chosen as my At Home Crisis Liaison.  This position is very important and I felt with her organizational skills and attention to detail that Jennifer was a perfect fit.

The responsibilities of the AHCL are to handle all things relating to my household in the event of my accident or demise.

I know every mom out there has looked around their house in the morning before rushing out the door and thought "Dear Lord, don't let anything happen to me before I get this house cleaned."

If you say you haven't then you just aren't being honest with yourself.

Jennifer will see to it that I don't have moldy food in the fridge, that the beds are made and that there are no piles of dirty laundry in my home.  She will tidy up and light a candle so that when relatives start flooding in to sit by my bedside or plan my wake they will assume that my home was always this pristine.

Now most days this won't be a monumental task but on the chance that it has been one of those weeks, she will step in to make sure that all things are just as they should be.  This is a very important position because the last thing you need to worry about when awakening from your coma is what your neighbors have been saying about your house and it's condition on the day of your accident.

Make sure after you find your plug puller, that you immediately fill this position.  Trust me on this one.

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