Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A House Divided

As most of  you know I was recently divorced after 21 years of marriage.

Now that the dust has settled and the ink is dry, I find my self with a half furnished home.  This is not a dilemma that I have faced since I first moved out on my own.  Everywhere I look there are empty walls and empty rooms that where once filled with things I had chosen and collected to make my house a home.

At first I was intimidated by the wide open spaces.  After being one half of a couple for so many years I had almost forgotten how to make a unilateral decision.  When I first began to think about how I would fill the spaces I was stumped.  But then I realized that I had the freedom to fill these spaces with anything and everything I found that made me happy.

Some would say my style(if they were gracious enough to say I had one) is eclectic.  Eclectic really is just a polite way for people who actually have good taste to give the people that don't a label.  I could truly care less. If I love it I will buy it.  I will display it and won't feel the need to defend it.

I may be divorced but I am in love with the freedom of finding "my" things to fill my home.

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