Monday, April 4, 2011

Left footed

And so it begins again.  Just when I had recovered from teaching Ashley how to drive the time has come to begin with Michael.  Teaching your teen to drive is a learning experience for both of you.

For example, yesterday I learned something new about my son.  As I was teaching Michael how to drive I mentioned that he should only use his right foot for the brake and the gas.  He informed me that he was  "left footed".  I had no idea that he was "left footed" or that anyone was left footed.  See what a learning experience that was?

With Ashley I learned that driving around in a circular motion makes me nauseous.  Now I administer Dramimine before the lesson begins. 

I learned the imaginery brake doesn't work and just makes my hip ache the next morning. 

After many "passionate" conversations, I convinced Ashley that saying "I am sorry" doesn't keep the metal from the other vehicle impale your body.  Sorry is nice but it isn't the emtional airbag for all your driving mistakes.

The most important lesson I learned from driving with a permit possessing teen-ager is that you have to cherish the time.  All the talks and listening to the radio and laughing won't last forever.  Very soon they will be pulling out of the driveway without you so enjoy the ride.

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