Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Evaluating and Eliminating...

Going through a divorce makes you think about everything in your life that might not be as you wish it were. When you look back and realize that for longer than you care to admit you have been putting the needs of so many others ahead of your own, it can really shock you.

I am blessed to have so many supportive and wonderful people in my life. Over the years I have forged some amazing friendships and relationships that I cherish. However, if I really sit back and evaluate where my time and energy goes, it isn't always allocated where it needs to be.

So I am taking a good hard look at things and trying to find balance. I want to have time to enjoy the wonderful people that God has placed in my life. Sometimes I spend time spinning my wheels trying to please people that don't make me a priority or that when all is said and done won't remember or care.

My plan is to evaluate and eliminate the things that don't give me joy. I have learned that if I am doing something for someone I should be doing it because it brings me joy to do it for them. Hopefully my days as a people pleaser are behind me.

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