Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Fruit Loops Frenzy

Today was not a particularly fun day for me. I spent the morning in my lawyers office which is painful emotionally and financially. If you ever get divorced , try to get a Cliff Notes divorce. The shorter the version the better.

I ended my day in bed with my dog Hoosier, my favorite blanket and a box of Fruit Loops. No milk because I really needed to be horizontal and thought in my emotional state that the chances were very good that I would in fact cry over spilled milk.

So as I munched on the Fruit Loops and resigned myself to the fact that I was getting dinner from a box with Toucan Sam on it, I wondered what to do next.

Staying in bed until the divorce was final sounded like a great idea but I knew eventually the Fruit Loops would run out and the dog and I would both start to stink.

Running away to a tropical island would make my blues disappear but since I am not getting a Cliff Notes divorce I can't afford to leave the county, much less the country. Plus that would involve a lot of shaving and bathing suit shopping and it all just seemed like too much.

Alcohol crossed my mind more than once but the whole horizontal thing was again a factor and I am not sure which wine to serve with Fruit Loops. I am pretty sure it would be a white wine but wasn't positive.

Finally I came up with an option I could live with. I decided to give myself a Mental Health Day.

Mental Health Day was something I devised for my kids years ago, It gave them control over a little portion of their lives. They could pick any day to stay home from school, no questions asked. Most of the time they don't even use it. I think just having the option of knowing if it all just became too much they could bury their heads under the covers and take a day made them feel better.

This would be my Mental Health Day. Tomorrow I would face all the mounds of divorce paperwork and all the messy grown up stuff I had to deal with but for tonight I would just pretend that finding all the red Fruit Loops was my biggest worry.

As Ms. Scarlett would say, "Tomorrow is another day".


Tamera said...

I'm sorry you're going through a rough spot.

I hope that your Mental Health Day helped.

My counselor told me that she did a similar thing with her girls (allowing them a mental health day) and I agree! We all need them sometimes!

Tamera said...
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