Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bristol Palins Memoirs

Somebody please help me understand why any editor would feel the need to publish the memoirs of Bristol Palin.

I am so frustrated with her being given fame and fortune for having sex with her high school boyfriend and getting pregnant. I am not judging her. Deciding to have the baby was a brave choice and she did face a lot of public scrutiny during the campaign. I get that. But at 20 years old do we really need to hear her life story.

I tell you what, when she completes college, raises her son to be a productive member of society and gets her AARP card then she can write a memoir. But until then she needs to stop be idolized for making poor choices and paid obscene amounts of money to talk about abstinence.

What makes her think anyone is going to listen to her when she obviously didn't listen to her own parents when it came to this topic? What is she going to say? Oh, being a teen mom is so hard. Sometimes when I am doing a photo shoot for People Magazine I have to stop and feed my baby! WAAAHHHH!

Bristol go home. Go to college and raise your son. You are not a star. You are a young woman making the best of a situation you got yourself into. There are lots of kids in this country who deserve accolades for overcoming real obstacles and challenges, but fortunately for you, you are not one of them.


Tamera said...

I couldn't agree with you more!

Lynn Benoit said...

Maybe she could share that she made a mistake. Sometimes young people will listen to the advice of a peer before some older fuddy duddy type.

Something I've noticed in my travels through life is that all people have something to offer.