Saturday, December 18, 2010

Welcome to the Land of Christmas Card Lazy

I am so excited. I have finally converted my friends Jane and Jennifer over to the dark side of Christmas cards.

Every year I receive amazing homemade cards from these two over achievers. They are so pretty that you don't dare throw them away after the holidays. I have a drawer full of their masterpieces.

I on the other hand buy my Christmas cards at the store and usually send them out without much fanfare. Let's face it getting the kids both home, showered and dressed appropriately is enough of a challenge. Throw in trying to get the dog to look at the camera and it is a true Xanax moment. I can't take the handcrafted Christmas card pressure.

Make no mistake these two crafters have had their stressful moments over the years. One year Jane didn't finish hers and sent them out as Valentine cards. Jennifer made one that cost a boat load of money to send because it was an odd shape and weighed too much.

I have listened to their tales of woe and tried to convince them to come over to the land of the Christmas card lazy but they protested.

Finally this year they relented. I haven't been as proud of anyone since my kids learned to walk and talk. It only took seven years and a lot of ridicule but they are with me now.

It is truly a Christmas miracle.

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