Thursday, August 13, 2009

Reward for solving mystery

For the past couple of weeks our beloved dog Hoosier has been stalking something in our backyard. It is obviously something nocturnal since he only barks between 3:30 and 5:00 a.m. No matter how fast I leap out of bed and run to the window there is nothing to be found.

The first few times it happened we all almost had a heartache. Hoosier is a beagle but not a barker. In fact when we were bringing him home to "surprise" Steve and were told by friends that beagles were barkers we thought he might be deaf. Knowing that we were already endangering our lives by "surprising" Steve we performed a few tests just to make sure he wasn't deaf. We already had two kids that had difficulty following commands I thought a deaf dog might push him over the edge.

So for the past several weeks we awaken to the baying of a beagle and we have all become immune. The kids used to run out like the house was on fire but tonight I was the only one that stirred. I would love to know whatever it is out there so I could somehow rectify this situation. I am old and tired and not accustomed to rising before at least 6:30( very rarely). I need my beauty and sanity sleep. I have irrational teen-agers to deal with every day and need my wits about me. My ability to remember names , dates and other important events (like did I already condition my hair in the shower) is diminishing fast enough without these late night stakeouts. So a reward to anyone who wants to camp out in my yard and identify this creature. Maybe I need to call the Pet Psychic or the Dog Whisperer? Or better yet maybe I just need to call my pharmacist......LOL

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