Saturday, August 8, 2009

For the love of pete I'll give you the five dollars!!!

Yesterday Ashley and I went to see Julie and Julia. Great movie. Loved it. Almost didn't make it in time. And here is why:

There was a very sweet old lady in line in front of us. She had apparently been so eager to see the movie that she pre-purchased her tickets. She just had one little problem...that turned out to be every one's problem. One of her family members couldn't make it and she wanted a refund. It is apparently easier to get a kidney than a refund for a ticket at United Artists Commerce Township. First there was a form to be filled out. Luckily she had a friend with her and she helped her with all the much needed information. I don't know why they need all that info just to give you back your money but they do and she gave it up willingly but very very slowly. After completing the lengthy form she was supposed to sign on the X. This turns out was not so easy. Nanny Granny signed in the wrong spot. Who cares right? Wrong. The little faded polo wearing teenager behind the glass was very perturbed. To make matters worse she kept trying to explain this major movie theatre faux pas to Granny thur that very annoying loud speaker. Why they need a big protective glass window and a speaker is beyond me. Has someone really tried to high jack some movie tickets? Even if they do you have two hours plus those lengthy ads to call the cops and apprehend them. Almost everyone today pays with a debit/credit card so is that REALLY necessary? I digress.

Granny signed in the wrong spot and the girl reached out and pulled out the walkie talkie. That's when I knew we were in big fat trouble. The walkie talkie meant she was going to have to call a faded blazer wearing member of management to o.k. the signing in the wrong spot mistake. Meanwhile the crowd was growing restless and you could practically hear the time ticking away on the clock mounted behind the glass and loud speaker. Ashley and I were really in a hurry as we had purchased McDonalds french fries and were smuggling them in. With every tick- tock of the clock the aroma was escaping from her bag and I think the restless natives around us were getting hungry. There was not telling what this crowd might do for a nice hot french fry to munch on while we waited. I will give the lady credit. She didn't turn around and look all flustered like most people. She stood her ground and waited for her five dollars like it was all the money in the Denver mint. After what seemed like an eternity blazer boy arrived and scrawled his signature and all was good with the world. Nanny Granny was very happy and all her friends were very happy. They had bucked the establishment and won. I kind of knew how they felt as we munched on our fries. Common folk: 2 Blazer boy: 0

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