Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hit the road..Jack and Jill.

So I guess by now everyone has heard about he woman in Florida or wherever that put her two girls aged ten and twelve out on the street. They were apparently bickering and she put them out on a main street downtown in broad daylight in front of an ice cream shop. She and the grandmother drove around the block and came back to find the youngest one missing. Well she wasn't really missing , some lady had taken her in and purchased her some ice cream and called the police. As usual when I hear a story like this I need more information before I can judge'. I would like to know the following:

1) Was her mother visiting from out of town and how long had she been there? I know after my mother has been staying with me for a few weeks I am in danger of making "poor choices" due to the stress of three generations trying to co-exist. I am sure her mother was giving her the old look of "I never let you kids behave like that".

2) Where did the older one go and why couldn't she tell the mother where the younger one went? Clearly they were let out together.

3) Am I the only one worried that the ten year old not only talked to a stranger but let her buy her ice cream and walked away with her?

4) Where was the mother in her cycle? Is she peri-menopausal?

These are just a few of the questions I need answered before I judge this woman. I know letting your kids out on the street isn't the smartest thing to do but ....well let's just want for all the info.

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