Thursday, March 5, 2009

Randon stufff..what life is all about..

Yesterday we visited the dentist. As usual there were moans and groans and "I hate the dentist" statements but I reminded them that one day they would thank me. They looked at me as if "yea, right" but I am used to that look and it does not phase me. After all those beautiful pearly whites were cleaned the dentist asked to see me. He had Ashley's x-rays up on the screen and ask me if I noticed anything odd. My first thought is I worked today and I am too tired for a test...what is it? He announced that Ashley has six wisdom teeth. He said that he had only seen this in medical books and looked quite pleased with himself. I reveled for a moment that my daughter was truly special before it hit me...Shit, is the oral surgeon going to charge more now that she has to have six removed? Maybe it is a sign of the times, maybe it is getting older and becoming more realistic but that is the thought that crossed my mind.

Road Work

From the snippets I have been hearing on the news a great deal of the stimulus package is going to be spent on road and bridge repair. I don't know about you but I don't see how road construction is going to help an all ready stressed out nation. As many of you remember I almost went postal over the Oakley Park construction last year. Now with all the stress and insecurity swirling around the nation we are going to add unprecedented road work. Don't get me wrong I am all for pothole free zones but I am predicting that more than one road rage incident is going to occur when they take a stressed out poverty stricken nation down to one lane. On the bright side, with all new and improved bridges when we all lose our home we will have snazzy new bridges to live under and pothole free holes to roll our shopping carts along.

Book Clubs and Babies\

Yesterday my next door neighbor called to ask me to babysit Friday night. Her husband is out of town and she has her book club meeting that night. I had to chuckle. I remember those days when your kids were little and you would find any activity to get out of the house. I played bunco, belonged to book clubs, volunteered to wash wheelchairs at the nursing home...just about anything to skip the and dinner and bedtime routine. It just felt so wonderful to walk out the door and be free and out of the house for the evening. Of course most of the time we just sat around and drank wine and waited until we knew the kids would be asleep to go home. Now it seems that the whole scene is reversed. We are on the go so much and I am always driving. A dream evening for me is to put on my pjs and be at home. Having a travel free evening is a rarity when you have teens and you dream of just staying home. Ahh how times have changed. So on Friday night I will be heading to the neighbors to let Stacey head out to her book club and allow myself to reminisce about the old days.

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