Saturday, August 2, 2008

Two bears and a kitty cat

On Thursday night I went out to dinner with my friend, Laurie. It was so nice to spend time just hanging out ,talking and laughing. Well as luck would have it we ended up in the logical place that two moms would end up on a night out with out their children.....the toy aisle at Target. On the end cap I spotted some stuffed animals so she and I proceeded to snuggle them and they were so soft and fuzzy. Two were brown bears with cute ribbons around their necks and one was a cute kitty holding a baby kitty wearing bunny slippers. I looked at the tag and realized that they were only 2.00 on clearance. At first I thought the kids would love them and then just like on t.v. I flashed to their rooms and decided one more ANYTHING might just cause their rooms to disconnect from the foundation of the house. Then I had an even better idea..I would take them to work and find three patients who would love to snuggle them as much as Laurie and I did.

I took them to work today and told my co-workers to come up with three patients that they thought would love to have them. We had so much fun brainstorming who we thought needed cheering up. When we finally decided on the three luck residents, I took them to their new homes. It was the best six dollars I have ever spent. Just to see the look on their faces and to watch them touch and hold the bears was priceless. One perk I hadn't thought of was how much attention the animals would bring their new owners. Every time someone , visitor or employee , walked by they stopped and spoke to the resident and admired their new "friends". This was more priceless than the bears. Sometimes in my business we forget to just stop and say hello to our residents and to ask how they are. We are so busy doing our jobs that it just gets overlooked. I was so happy for the three residents and it really warmed my heart to see my six dollars got to such a great cause.


Anonymous said...

Does your thoughtfulness ever have an end?!?!?! I know the answer is a big fat "NO" but your generosity never ceases to amaze me. Wonder what became of the pregnant girl you picked up along side the road a few years ago. You keep giving girl!!!


Jen Ladd said...

THis is what I like most about you, you always think of others, no matter what :)