Thursday, June 19, 2008

Greeting from down under

Well, we survived the flights (1 hr. to Chicago, 4 hours to LA, six hour layover in LA, 12 hour flight to New Zealand and finally a 4 hr. flight to Brisbane) My hair was very gross but my spirits were good. That is quite an accomplishment if any of you have ever travelled with me. The kids did great!!! A few of them had never flown so this was a big outing for their first time. I never heard a complaint or an "I'm bored". Amazing considering at home with all the bells and whistles they are bored quite often. I have surmised that international travel is much like being in a nursing home. It is very expensive, those with the most money are the most pampered. All you have to look forward to are trips to the bathroom, meals and sleep. Your butt is constantly hurting from having to sit all the time and you become so bored that the droning on of strangers start to sound interesting.
On the LA flight there was a woman with a little girl about eighteen months old. The toddler obviously had some kind of butt disorder because every time hers touched the seat she screamed blue bloody murder. I know all of the moms are cringing because we have all been there and there is nothing more humiliating that your child being out of control. To make matters worse she was seated by a tall big boobed blond prima dona that has not yet had any children of her own. She most likely couldn't afford to after having her boobs done. Any who...she kept getting up to go to the bathroom with her hands covering her ears and that look on her face. You know the look, the one that says to everyone "I will never ALLOW my child to act that way." I started to warn her that she was dooming herself to the worst kind of karma possible. Mommy karma. That is when you have been a complete bitch about other people's kids and you end up with two very ugly colicky twins. At least she will have those great boobs for the tear drops of despair to fall upon.

Yesterday we went to an animal conservatory and had a great time. They had an area full of kangaroos that you could go in and pet and feed. I have a very funny story involving a young mans crotch and an amorous kangaroo but that's for another day.

We are having a great time. Thanks again to Steve for sending us.


Anonymous said...

Glad you arrived intact. I was constantly checking CNN to see if there were any aviation disasters. I thought you might have gone a little crazy during the 12 hour flight. Miss you. Enjoy. Your BFF.

Anonymous said...

I was so glad to see your posting today...I have been thinking about you! Sounds like the trip is off to a great start. Can't wait to hear about everything. Write when you can and how about some pictures. Enjoy every second and forget about the flight home.

Saw Steve and Michael today...they look so lonely, they miss you.

All my best, Lori Cozart