Friday, April 4, 2008

Well, well,well have seen it all..

Yesterday I am riding in the car and my friend Jennifer called to tell me that there was a man on Oprah that is pregnant. Needless to say this is hard to process at any speed but even more difficult at 60 mph. I peppered her with questions like how , what do you mean, when ,where, does he/she have a ...., . She knew no specifics just the basic fact. In her defense I was almost as shocked that she had gotten to watch Oprah as I was about the pregnant man. She has a five year old, a three year old and a three week old so you can understand my amazement.

But back to the man. Let me just say for the record if you have a uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries you are NOT a MAN!!!!! You are just very, very confused woman. But wait ,before you think the confusion stops there he/she was married. Now the true test of his sexuality will not come until after he/she gives birth. If the baby cries and he/she rolls over and makes his wife get up to feed it..he is a man. If he gets up and feeds it...he/she is a woman. If he/she deals with the pain like a trouper, he is a woman. If he/she cries out from the first contraction and is sure he/she is going to die..he is a man. If he/she goes back to work, leaves his wife home with the baby and comes home at five and ask her why she hasn't showered or made dinner...he's not only a man but a dead man. Stay tuned because I will following this story very carefully and will keep you posted.

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Kenny said...

I think your criteria may be right on the money. We shall see. Wonder how much follow-up there'll be after he/she has the baby?