Friday, April 4, 2008

And the grammy goes to ...

Kim Eller, for automobile audio. That was my dream as I was driving to Chicago this past weekend. I was in the car alone for the first time in ages and was able to listen to all the songs on my ipod. I was putting on my own little concert which I am sure looked like to oncoming traffic as someone have an epileptic seizure to music. I was singing at the top of my lungs to everything from Toby Keith's greatest hits to the soundtrack of You're a Good Man Charlie Brown. By the time I got there I was hoarse but very invigorated from the realization of what it will be like one day to have my car back. Even we all that fun happening there were three times when I really missed my kids. When I realized at the three toll booths that I would have to dig thru my purse for toll money instead of just yelling "Dig thru the ash trash and get me 80 cents, HURRY!!! I was very sad. There is something to be said for all the little things you can get your kids to do for you even if they have an attitude about it. I will probably be upstairs yelling for someone to let the dog out long after they have gone.

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