Thursday, February 21, 2008

Turn on your car heater.

What is up with you people in Michigan? The weather has been extremely cold lately and I have made an observation. Y'all drive dressed like you are skiing down a slope!! I see people in big down coats with scarves and hats clutching the steering wheel with big padded gloves. I have an idea for you ...take off the gloves and turn on the heater!!!! I don't know how anyone can make a turn in all that garb. When you are ready to exit the vehicle to enter the workplace you can put the gloves and hats back on but I really think you'll be o.k. in the car without them. Now I am from the South and I understand my views may be jaded but I really don't see the need to cover every part of your body except the tip of your nose to drive in your car. Loosen up a little bit and just try it. Tomorrow on the way to work with your seat heater on high and the car temperature set at 72 degrees take off one glove. Just try it and you'll be amazed at how liberated you will feel.

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